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19 September 2007 @ 10:01 am
Wednesday- May 23rd at 8:21p I had a severe dizzy and vertigo attack that lasted for over 7 days continuously (24/7). It started after the hearing in my right it was fluctuating the day before and during my period, I am not sure if it is related. I have had my dizziness and ear symptoms since age 6, but my dizziness got real bad at age 14, 16, then again at age 18. My ear symptoms mainly many ear infections, rinnging, aches and pains started at 6, got bad at 10, then real bad in 2004, where my left ear has been pretty much ringingn non-stop, and my right ear has been casuinng various severe types of pains espically deep in the ear as well as other symptoms. Also at age 10 I was diganosed with something to where I am half deaf in my right ear. Also I have recently (well since May) have been getting ear droping/vrooming/bass sounds in my ears.  I do have some menstration problems as well as having PCOS. Also I have been having some mercury like symptoms and dizziness sensations in my lower legs and feet followed with toneloss. I was taking motion sickness pills during this time it seemed to only make me sleep. And finally on the 5th day and first time in a while I went to the docotor, which seemed like a good doctor and willing to help. But it is already towards the end of September and still have not heard anything, she had said she wanted me to get some test run, but my parents keep stalling and saying I am not on the insurace and we have no money. I am aware we have no money we barley afford food, but there must be something that can be done, it has been over 3 years and I really would like to get out of here teste, diagnosed, treated and finally live. There is so much I have not done, these symptoms are really scaring and confusing me, I wish there was somebody that would help find out what's wrong, I do have a list of my main symptoms and such if anyone can please help comment. peace
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31 July 2007 @ 10:27 am
Since I was 6 I have had many different symptoms that were no way normal for the age I was and the frequency I got them, my parents did not think anything of it then. As I got older the symptoms got worse mainly the headaches and dizziness became chronic, and the hearing and vision problems affected me in everyday life, as well as personality changes (got reserved). Each year namely ages 10, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, and 19 my symptoms grew and with more severity. I was diagnosed with variety *basic* illnesses (Migraine, Hypoglycemia, RA, etc. ) but the diagnosis did not fit my symptoms. The relationship with my parents have not been that good mainly with my mother and the things she would do and say ( I don't want to get into it but it involved abuse from her and others under her will) I have seen some doctors but she would always tell me what to say for whatever reason not give them my full symptoms, as I got older she totally went in a totally completely different direction with my condition.

Near the end of 2002 my condition got so bad I had to quit the job I was working mainly because of the dizziness and passing out. In 2003 I could not stand or sit for longer than 10-15m at a time, and my condition got severely worse with light and whenever I would go to movie theaters ( I think it was a mixture of the light and sitting). In July 2004 I became bedridden, I could no longer sit or stand longer than a couple of seconds at a time without getting severely dizzy and having the extreme abnormal pain and sensation in my stomach, also I would get attacks when light was turned on similar to the sitting/standing/moving. I had photophobia before with my *Migraines* but that's all it was photophobia (a symptom of excessive sensitivity to light and the aversion to sunlight or well-lit places. In medical terms, it is not fear, but an experience of discomfort or pain to the eyes due to light exposure.) nothing like what I would get with light or flashing currently. The heat also causes my dizziness and other symptoms to go aray and in attack.

I have pretty much been bedridden since July of 2004, tried to call doctors and hospotols but some bad things happean mainly of my mothers doing that prevented me from getting an official full diagansis of my symptoms. Recently my dizziness got severley worse and I have gotten severe attacks that I find horrifying. I curretly am here with my parents who have really failed to help try and find out what is wrong, and have even gone out of their way to prevevnt me from finding out. I would like to go to a hopstol or docotr where they can look at my medical history and current symptoms and run test to try and figure out what is wrong and cure it or treat it.

I have done my best to stay strong, I with God, vegansim, music (and later getting interet connection outide contact with the wrold, wich I got in 2004 but then lost it Jul 2004, got it again Jun 2006.) has helped a great deal. I can't stay bedridden with thesse horrid confusng symptoms of such mass, severity and frequnces. I am not sure if it is havin these symptoms so long or if it itself is an actual symptom but major confusion has come to in 2002, as well as memory loss and forgetting basic words and how to spell ( I use google spell check frequently), reading and comprehension, and how to commucncate with others and get things across. I am tryig to keep a hold of what I have as long as I can before I loose it all.

I have varios detailed information about my condition and a lot of my symptoms and attacks, I am looking for a doctor or someone that can help me get out of here, and fulfill my dream of getting digaanosed and livig.

So please help anyone who can.
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